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Competitor Analysis

Detailed CompetitorAnalysis

If there were not any competitors one could simply publish their website, submit it to the major search engines and retain the number spot almost indefinitely.  While this WAS the case in the early days of the internet it was simply due to the fact that virtually no one had a website.  Now having a website is an essential component of running any business.

But Why Analyze My Competitors' Websites?

You may think it's best to ignore the competition and focus upon your own business.  This is true in the sense that your business is what matters most and constantly worrying about the competition may be a distraction.  However by analyzing the competition we can quickly see what is (and is not) working for them.  While we may not be able to see their actual analytics we can see a great deal of important information:

Competitor Keyword Research

Competitor Keywords

  • What keywords are uhey utilizing?
  • Are they ranking high for those keywords?
  • Are they using related keywords?
  • Can you get any keyword ideas?
Google Local Search

Geographic (Local) Search

  • Check competitors' Local Keywords
  • Do they cover various towns/cities?
  • Is there an area they seem to be focused upon?
  • Are you in competition for all areas?
Site Check Tools

Adwords and PPC

  • Are they using Pay Per Click (PPC)?
  • Do they have an Adwords campaign
  • What are their keyword phrases?
  • Where are they investing their budget?
Link Authority

Link Authority

  • Does their site have high link authority?
  • How trustworthy is their site?
  • Which sites are linking to your competitors?
  • Look to also link from similar sites!
Social Media

Social Media

  • Which of their posts gets the mos attention?
  • How many followers do they have?
  • How often do they post?
  • Who are they targeting?
Technology and Metadata

Technology & Meta Data

  • What Technology are they using?
  • What Tracking Tools do they have?
  • What does their source code look like?
  • What website Changes have been made?

Local SEO. Let's Get Started!

Besides custom websites Milton Website Design also specializes in Search Engine Optimization for local businesses.  We know that as small business owners our clients want to promote their products and services to clients within a specific geographic region.  Most often this region includes towns within the Halton Region including Milton, Georgetown, Acton, Campbellville, Halton Hills, Oakville and Burlington.  We also provide services for clients in Hamilton Ontario.