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Action Plan

Your Action Plan

Once we have taken a detailed look at your current website and those of your competitors we will provide you with a full report.  At this point we will sit down with you and speak about your goals and create an action plan.

Your Action Plan Includes:

Competitor Keyword Research

Establishing Goals

Probably the most important aspect of SEO and your Action Plan is to establish goals.  Most business owners are looking to increase their online presence and ultimately gain more revenue for their business.  However individual goals will still vary. For example:

  • Are you looking to show up within a Search Engine Result Page (SERP) as you cannot currently locate your business OR
  • Are you looking to raise your current ranking within SERPs OR
  • Are you looking to be on the FIRST page within SERPs OR
  • Are you looking to expand your business beyond your current level and perhaps into new towns?

Every business is unique and cannot be treated in a cookie-cutter manner.  Thus we sit with each client and thoroughly get to know them personally.  In this way we can be sure that the services we offer can be effectively tailored to meet the specific Goals of each client.

Competitor Keyword Research

A Review of Keywords from your Website Audit

Your website audit showed the important keywords related to your industruy.  Thus we need review the website audit and keywords so we know exactly "WHAT" your potential clients are searching for. Our various keyword research tools allow us to discover exactly what your clients are searching for. Our initial report generally contains upwards of 400 keyword phrases related to your industry. We will present this to you and narrow the keywords to those which will bring you the most traffic and ultimately, convert clients and increase revenue.

Competitor Keyword Research

A Look at On-site content and optimization

The "on-site" content is what Google (and other search engines) really care about. Although we'll tell you about further strategies to increase traffic it's really the meat and potatoes of your site content that matter. Gone are the days of keyword stuffing to try and 'fool' search engines. To rank high on Google we need to provide legitimate content that is directly related to your business. This comes via onsite content optimization and utilization of those keywords that we (you the business owner and Milton Website Design) have decided upon. This is an ON-GOING process as keywords change on a monthly bases and optimization needs to match what your potential clients are looking for.

Competitor Keyword Research

A Look at Offsite Optimization

As part of our action plan we'll look at the "off-site" content as it consists of everything on the internet that links back to your main site. This part of the equation gets a little more complicated as it includes: social media (Google Plus, "Google My Business", Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and many more), citation sources.  These are legitimate websites and directories that provide information on your website and link 'back' to your website.  We'll also plan to look at major search engines (Google of course but also Bing, Yahoo, DMOZ and many others) and offsite article writing and press releases. The offsite content must continually be updated to ensure relevance and "Current" content.

Local SEO. Let's Get Started!

Besides custom websites Milton Website Design also specializes in Search Engine Optimization for local businesses.  We know that as small business owners our clients want to promote their products and services to clients within a specific geographic region.  Most often this region includes towns within the Halton Region including Milton, Georgetown, Acton, Campbellville, Halton Hills, Oakville and Burlington.  We also provide services for clients in Hamilton Ontario.