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Responsive Website Design

Responsive Website Design

Responsive Website Design

What the heck is responsive design?  If you are a local Milton, Ontario business you may have seen advertisements (or received unsolicited phone calls) talking about responsive design.  Quite Simply A RESPONSIVE site will automatically adjust and fit ALL screens regardless of the size.  Your website needs to "respond" or more to the point "adjust" to the device it is being viewed on.  If your potential clients are looking at your website on a desktop computer it should be a fullscreen site.  However if they are visiting your website using a tablet the site should automatically adjust to fit that screen.  This same principle applies to viewing your website on mobile devices in that your website should automatically adjust to fit that screen. 

The Evolution of Mobile Websites

Like the whole website design process itself the web lingo that goes along with design is dynamic and ever-changing.  Just a few years ago people were raving about .mobi (mobile) domain names.  This quickly passed.  Then it was creating a "mobile version" of your website so that when viewed on a tablet or phone it will be easy to read the text.  Now the term officially adopted by Google is "Mobile Friendly" websites.  This covers any website that, when loaded, will be viewable on any mobile device.  Responsive Websites do just that!

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