Rhino Linings Milton

Rhino Linings Milton

The website for Rhino Linings Milton serves multiple purposes.  First it was design to appeal to an audience interested in trucks and truck accessories.  Beyond that we were challenged to create a site that showcased the Rhino Linings line of spray-on truck bed liners while, at the same time, promoting Rhino Linings Milton's line of high end truck accessories.  You'll notice the design is somewhat rugged in feel which appeals to the clientele Rhino is trying to reach.

In terms of optimization Rhino Linings Milton is actively engaged in a comprehensive Internet Marketing Program to promote "truck accessories Milton".  Currently they are #1 on Google for any local search related to truck accessories and we will continue to promote this. 

Rhino Linings Milton utilizes the following:

  • Joomla CMS
  • Professional Theme
  • Responsive Design
  • Keyword Specific Content
  • SEO
  • Internet Marketing


16 August 2016


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